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Develop better skills, live better lives, and sustain better relationships.

7 modules of Writing The Good Life

The wisdom workshop model

Live virtual workshops (via Zoom) led by Professor Sean Waters. Learning modules of writing invitations and supportive deadlines. A close-knit community of kind people: all workshops capped at 9 people. Writing tools for personal and professional development. Mindfulness skills for presence, compassion, and non-evaluative awareness.

Philosophical skills of deep reading, deep listening, curious conversation, radical collaboration, critical analysis, and persuasion. Agile design skills to choose happiness with existential passion projects. Encouragement from enthusiastic peers and optional 1-on-1 support from professor Sean Waters.

you'll also receive

Weekly playbooks with invitations to write and design your days with mindfulness. Weekly readings and media for audio visual learners. Lifetime access to recordings of group sessions. Office hours with Professor Waters. Alumni access to the growing Wisdom Workshop network of adventurous lifelong learners.
We believe a real education can be a practice of becoming the best versions of ourselves.


“This course helped me clarify what matters, helped me move through the challenges I have with my team…. this is the most special, unique and memorable learning atmosphere I’ve ever participated in… in work or school or anywhere.” — Chance, Entrepreneur in Montana, USA
"Beautiful to see the bond between everyone at the end of seven weeks. I am so grateful to be in this group and this community." - Sanaz, Microsoft Learning Consultant in Australia
“It was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I am more grounded, less angry, and filled with gratitude for all the beautiful synchronicities and serendipities in my life…. So, I want to thank you. You’ve made an incredible difference in my journey. I appreciate you.” — Leslie, Vice President of Enrollment at Western State University in Colorado, USA
“I can not believe how much I’ve changed in seven weeks. I started the course thinking that I would fix my life and career… and it turned out that I got back into a relationship with myself, and I realized that everything else will take care of itself.” — Monica, Nurse in Saskatchewan, Canada
“For me the biggest thing was going through the journey with others …. One of the biggest challenges of quitting my job was feeling like I was doing it alone. Going through this with other people made a huge difference.” — Samantha, Professional Services Expert in London, U.K.
“The last two months have added a lot to my vocabulary of being. I learned that what we choose to listen to and what we choose to ignore is also an act of expression: what I choose to let into my space, my psyche, and what I choose to accept…. It gave me the space to listen to the sound of my own voice.” — Subarna, Student in New Delhi, India
“I can’t tell you how much this course held a mirror up to my experience : it was revelatory.”— Matthew, Yoga Instructor in Colorado, USA
“This course has helped me understand my habits in a different way. What has worked for me in the past, why they’ve worked for me, and how I am giving them more weight. I am also now looking at how relationships and people can become containers for me to thrive.” — Luyi, Learning Experience Designer in Vancouver, Canada
“I appreciate the community, your support, and your insights. I’ve grown more in the last two months than I have for years, and I feel more hopeful about the future than I have for even longer.”— Sharon, Editor in Colorado, USA
“I’ve come away with a lot these seven weeks. …This course gave me what I needed that I didn’t know I needed: permission to boldly make choices. Every time I’ve mentioned working on getting unstuck, I talk about the Wisdom Workshop, and recommended this experience as a format to everyone.”— Simi, Global Educator in Toronto, Canada
"I feel more present and took some of our daily prompts into great conversations with others. As much as I learned from the group, I started learning even more from the people I have around me whole life.”— Daniel, Educational Entrepreneur in Mexico City, Mexico
“This course has made me feel so much more free and so much more calm. I don’t need to have my whole life figured out — I can just do my best today. I used to think I needed answers to my life, but now I’m more OK with uncertainty, and I’m OK with things changing.”— Josie, Elementary Educator in South Dakota, USA
“Great meeting of the minds!  Welcome to idea improv where we can laugh and play with deep ideas, develop wisdom, and reflect on what works for us.”— Brian Oney, Facilitator in California, USA
“The combinations of being accountable, reading and talking about what’s important helps me put things into context sooner, to get back up over setbacks a lot more quickly. I feel more confident, in my own ways, of living the good life. And I got two UX contract jobs as a result of the work I started in this course.” — Nick, UX/UI Designer in Boston, MA
“I’m not as afraid of failure because of the decision-making process offered in this course. It’s going to be life-changing for me.”— Kellie, Photographer in Wisconsin, USA
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