Unlock your ultimate potential and build a life worth examining.  Spring 2023 Enrollment is now open.


Seven Wednesday Evenings 7:00-8:30 pm MST May 24, 2023 - July 5th, 2023 via ZOOM

Our most popular extended workshop, Writing the Good Life helps people forge more joyful lives. For (1) people in transition, (2) people who are resigning or retiring, or (3) lifelong learners who want the accountability of a real-time community, this workshop helps us live a life worth examining. Over 10 contact hours, optional 1-on-1 meetings with Sean, we'll build a small, supportive community that engages the following key questions:

⭐  How do we start and keep a journaling habit that improves our mental and emotional health ? (Week 1, on PRESENCE)

⭐  What is our version of a good life, and how can writing help us actualize it? (Week 2, on PURPOSE)

⭐   How do we author our own authentic success story for work, life, wealth, and health? (Week 3, on PLAY)

⭐  How can writing help us create worthwhile and enjoyable experiences? (Week 4, on PROTOTYPES)  

⭐  How can we use writing to connect with ourselves, connect with others, and, hopefully, make the world a better place?  (Week 5, on PEOPLE)

⭐  How can writing deepen and enrich our relationships?  (Week 6, on PROCESS)

⭐  How can writing help us transition into new ways of being, design better lives, and develop more rewarding careers? (Week 7, on CHOOSING HAPPINESS)


MODULE 1:  PRESENCE: Zen Philosophy and Free-Writing to Know Thyself  

MODULE 2:  PURPOSE: Identity, Success, and Why You’re Here  

MODULE 3:  PLAY: Wayfinding with Energy, Attention, and the power of Synchronicity

MODULE 4:  PROJECTS: Odyssey Plans and Existential Life-Design Experiments, Iterations and Curiosity

MODULE 5:  PEOPLE : Creating Healthy and Nourishing Connections with Prototype Conversations

MODULE 6:  PROCESS : Collaborating with Ikigai Growth Mindsets

MODULE 7:  PERSPECTIVE : Choosing Happiness and Developing Failure Immunity

This course explores writing as a tool to help us clarify, design, and advance life goals. We develop (or strengthen) a rewarding daily writing habit that can help us get unstuck -- to better understand who we are and what we are meant to do. As we write to create more meaningful work, (or bring more meaning to the work we already have), we will inquire, design, and execute practical steps towards a better life. Participants will finish the course with a healthier relationship to the personal and professional power of writing and greater accountability toward a personal passion project. Teachers, facilitators, coaches, or other professionals can request a professional certification of completion in Facilitating Writing for Social and Emotional Wellness for up to 45 PD hours.


Sean Waters, M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion (2008); M.A. in Education (2012), co-founded the Wisdom Workshop in 2020. With 15 years of teaching experience at the university level, he cultivates a contagious love of teaching, learning, and reading. He is excited to help you flourish and is committed to creating a learning environment inclusive of all learners. Feel free to email Sean at  sean@wisdomworkshop.io or schedule a 15-minute curiosity call with Sean to see if this unique learning experience is a good fit for you.

Strongly Recommended Texts For First-Timers:  
Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life - Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (2016).
Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within - Natalie Goldberg (1986).
The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path For Higher Creativity - Julia Cameron (1992).

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