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Where did you get the name “Wisdom Workshop”?
Wisdom’ is the art of knowing who you are, being the best that you can be, and making decisions that matter. Wisdom includes curiosity and compassion for self and others, and practical upskilling for greater flourishing in health, wealth, and love.

A ‘Workshop’ is the hands-on process of doing, sharing and reflecting. We practice evidence-supported techniques in mindfulness, journaling, inquiry, analysis, and agile design thinking to ensure engagement, participation, and creative empowerment.

What is it like to enroll in a Wisdom Workshop?
With weekly live meetings, enrolling is like joining a small, fun, and engaging liberal arts course moderated by an insightful professor. After Cohort 6, Jeanie Sutter said: “Wonderfully personal in such a short amount of time. What an awesome experience and such a diverse group of folks with so many ideas.” Danielle, from cohort 3 said: “I feel like I can learn anything in an environment like this … I’ve done more writing in the last seven weeks than I’ve done in my entire life.”  

What kinds of people enroll?
People in life transitions, people exploring options, people interested in getting unstuck. From 19 year-old college students to 64 year old retirees, we’ve hosted recent college graduates, vice presidents for enrollment and access, a machine learning researcher with Google, psychologists, technical recruiters, a competitive poker player, a yoga teacher, a handful of freelance creatives and educational entrepreneurs, college instructors, coaches, and a professional musician. We work hard to attract kind, open-minded, and curious people who are interested in building better frameworks for happiness.

What will I get out of the experience?
Growth experiments and outcomes vary, but most get enjoyable practices for greater presence, attention, awareness, alignment, and accomplishment.  Full list of testimonials are here.

How much time commitment before and during the course?  
Plan on spending three hours per week over seven weeks, which includes our weekly group meetings and ~25 minutes each day with your individual practice. Personal time commitments beyond this vary.

What else is included in enrollment?
Weekly writing invitations and experience designs, access to 1-on-1 support meetings, alumni connection with other interesting learners all over the world, a sense of belonging with a kind community, ongoing open office hours after the conclusion of the cohort, and the opportunity to make new lifelong friendships.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. We believe in building the best evidence-based transformative education available, and proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
(No one has ever asked for one).

If my situation changes, can I drop or defer my enrollment to a future term?
Yes! If you enroll and your situation changes, you can drop (less 7% processing fees) up to two weeks before the start of every course, or you can defer to a later course for free.

I can’t make this one; when’s the next open enrollment?
At present, we offer workshops in the early summer, late summer, early fall, late fall and winter. subscribe to our newsletter for semester catalogs.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available?
Yes. We believe that higher education in self-actualization is a human right, and we are invested in the public good. Apply for financial-need scholarships here.

Who facilitates each online Zoom session?
Our founder, Sean Waters, who is nominated master teacher and facilitator with graduate degrees in Philosophy and English Education. Sean has taught college students for 15+ years, and started the wisdom workshop to scratch his own existential itch, so to speak. He’s a student of the material with the group.

Can I expense this course with my employer?
Yes. If you have a professional development budget and are working on leadership, facilitation, and social or emotional learning, you should be able to get your employer to pay for it. We can provide materials that will help you make your case if you’d like.

I am a teacher. Can I get PD hours for my teacher’s license renewal?
Yes - Participants can request a “Wisdom Workshop Leader” certificate for up to 45 professional development hours and supporting documentation to make it easy to use.

What can I do to get started before the first day of my cohort?
No preparation is needed. You’ll get an email once you enroll with a selection of optional books, some frameworks to begin choosing your own learning path inside of the course. You can start a daily writing practice, too, per the welcome invitations to write, but nothing is required before the first meeting.

Can I see an example of one of the weekly workbooks?
Sure! Send us an email at and request the module on presence, purpose, or the psychology of synchronicity.

What kind of extra support do you offer participants?
We keep workshops small and Sean hosts open office hours for one-on-one meetings. I know that every situation is different, and I am committed to help you ask good questions to re-frame and re-approach your work/life in a healthy and constructive way. We’re not here to grade you. We’re here to help.
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