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What makes Live Wisdom Workshop courses special?
Unlike other forms of online education, you don't learn alone. We believe that real education is personal, contextual, and often communal. We designed each workshop to put you in contact with yourself, your guide, and with interesting learners from all over the world. Wisdom Workshop courses also focus on the intangible aspects of meaning-making that require real engagement with a community of people. We are joined in the belief that life is, at least in part, for learning, and that we can learn how to learn better.

What does being in a Live Wisdom Workshop course look and feel like?
Each week, for seven consecutive weeks, your small group (capped at 9 people) will meet via zoom for 75-90 minutes, where we write, share, and discuss insights and reflections with mindfulness and loving-kindness. We explore different themes and practices with daily and weekly writing invitations designed to create clarity, confidence, agility and resilience. Feels like a fun, funny, and engaging graduate course moderated by an insightful professor. A recent graduate said: "this is the most special, unique and memorable learning atmosphere I've ever participated in ... in work or school, or anywhere."

Who enrolls in Live Wisdom Workshop courses?
(1) Working professionals in the process of transitioning into more meaningful work, (2) entrepreneurs looking to gain strategies and tools to help launch creative ventures, (3) lifelong learners interested in developing practical skills to refine their attention, find their tribe, and engage in the daily deep work of building a good life. Average age is 42 -- we have 21 year old college students, 64 year old retirees, and mostly people in mid-life. Past participants include full-time parents, freelance creatives, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, college instructors, coaches and professional musicians.

What do people get from Live Wisdom Workshop courses?
Each live course offers practical tools for greater presence, attention, awareness, alignment, and sense of personal accomplishment. Participants build (1) a more nuanced worldview and compassionate relationship with themselves, (2) a clearer sense of meaning and purpose in their work, life, and relationships, (3) a supportive connection with others who challenge them to think in new ways, (4) a quiver of tools to ask the right questions (5) opportunities to clarify what really matters, (6) a fresh life design plan and renewed commitment to self-actualize, (7) learning how to recover from failures more quickly with agile design re-frames.

What's the time commitment?
One weekly meeting, and somewhere between 5 minutes to two hours a day of independent and/or collaborative work outside of schedule meeting time. We designed our courses to be flexible and meet you where you are, and each participant is also alotted up to 30 minutes of 1-on-1 conferences with Sean Waters each week.  

How much is the tuition?
$695 for a seven-week personalized learning journey, learning community and 1-on-1 support on-demand.

What’s included in the tuition?
Seven Live Zoom workshop-style graduate seminars with rich discussions. Weekly 1-on-1 phone conferences with course creator and facilitator Sean Waters. Weekly handouts with daily practices, questions, experiments, media links and writing prompts. A system of supportive deadlines to plan, design, and launch a personal learning project. Support and accountability from a community who is invested in life-long learning. Lifelong membership in a growing alumni network full of interested and interesting people. A learning experience unlike any other we've ever seen -- one grounded in a holistic and pragmatic approach to the love of wisdom.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. We believe in building the best evidence-based transformative education available, and proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you complete the exercises and you're still not satisfied with the course, we offer a full refund. (No one has ever asked for one).

Can the Wisdom Workshop help me make more money and/or find better work?
Yes. Wisdom Workshop courses help us flourish in the mental, emotional, spiritual, somatic, social, and financial dimensions of our lives. Jeanie, 42, was walking away from her part-time business when she discovered the Wisdom Workshop on Writing a Good Life, which helped her serendipitously find a perfect buyer and sell her business for a profit. Nick, a recent graduate from a UX/UI design school, used the Wisdom Workshop course on Writing a Good Life to extend his network and land two contracts using the work-creation methodology offered in the course.

If my situation changes, can I drop or defer my enrollment to a future term?
Yes! If you enroll and your situation changes, you can drop (less 7% processing fees) up to two weeks before the start of every course, or you can defer to a later course for free.

How many terms do you offer per year?
We offer seven seven-week terms per year.

What if I can't make one (or two, or three) of the weekly meetings?
That's ok! We'll miss you, but we record each meeting for later playback. 1-on-1 conferences also help.

Are scholarships available?
Yes. We believe that higher education in self-actualization is a human right, and we are invested in the public good. As such, interested participants can apply for needs-based and/or work-trade scholarships to demonstrate the need for financial assistance, and/or explain how they plan to use the workshop to further their work in serving humanity and/or the environment.

Are there any hidden costs or associated fees?
Absolutely not. The 2-3 recommended texts for each workshop are available at most libraries.

Who leads the Wisdom Workshops?
Sean Waters, an expert instructor and facilitator who designed and created the curriculum for Wisdom Workshop courses. Sean has 11+ years of experience teaching philosophy and composition at Colorado State University and Front Range Community College, and his enthusiasm for learning has earned him “master teacher” nominations from the CSU Department of English.

Is the Wisdom Workshop affiliated with any university or institution?
No. The Wisdom Workshop is a private enterprise working for sustainable public good.

I am still a college student. Can I get transfer credits?
No transferable credits, but you will get transferable skills, which are far more valuable. In the future of work, practical human skills are more valuable than credit. Employers (and people in general) care about who you are, what you’re working on right now, and what you have to show for it.

Are there any enrollment requirements? Do I have to apply?
You should be ready for an accelerated learning environment conducted in the English language. Wisdom Workshop courses are designed and priced for working professionals who are invested in their continuous education. If you are ready to take the leap into new ways of being and becoming yourself, we'd love to have you. No application needed.

Do you offer different courses? When do they meet?
Our flagship seven-week course is called Writing a Good Life, which offers an interdisciplinary approach to actualizing human flourishing through (1) philosophical skills of inquiry, conversation, and persuasion, (2) mindfulness skills for presence and mental health (2) communication skills with ourselves and others, and life-design learning skills of experience prototyping and metacognition.   We also offer a course in Philosophy for Entrepreneurs for people interested in venturing deeper into a more enriched and enriching perspective on life and business -- a survey course in ancient and modern philosophies East and West (Aristotelianism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Existentialism, and Pragmatism).  Other courses in comparative positive psychology and Buddhist approaches to well-being are in development for 2021-2022. Schedule is on our enrollment page.

How did you design the Wisdom Workshop courses and curriculum?
These are the professional growth workshops I wanted to take that I couldn’t find anywhere during the pandemic… so I created them. The methods and format prioritize real belonging in our networked age, and real readiness for the future of work -- real human skills of focus, iteration, and adaptation. They also teach skills sadly not taught in traditional college curriculums: in meaning-making, mindfulness, and compassion. These courses help you make, create, and meet ambitious series of deadlines that can give you a deeper vocabulary of who you are, how you can help, and what you have the capacity to become. These workshops are literally built for transformation.

What is the philosophy of the Wisdom Workshop courses?
We believe in helping you become the best version of who you are, in your own language, and on your own terms. Trained in the methodologies of comparative religion and philosophy, I have been inspired by John Dewey's pragmatic approach to learning experiments and Nietzsche's existential approach to taking initiative in becoming our authentic selves. I was also inspired by Epicurus, who formed an alternative to Plato’s academy (in 350 B.C.E). Like Epicurus, I am creating empirical experiments in living my own best life, and I want others like me to join me. On that note, we're committed to offer meaningful participation in synchronous real-time delivery (instead of passively watching pre-recorded lectures) because our tribal brains need opportunities to learn in groups, when we are held accountable by a community where we have real opportunities to contribute. We believe in connecting real human beings and a real facilitator who wants to create opportunities for you to be your best.

Who is the ideal Wisdom Workshop participant?
We are looking for people who are ready to investigate and explore living a better life. We are looking for people who are ready to become more enthusiastic about life-long learning. We are looking for people who are ready to design and make purposeful work. We are looking for people who are ready to make the world a better place.  We are looking for people eager to practice a more curious kindness. Regardless of your position, industry, age, nationality, gender or ability, our workshops are for people committed to leading in their own lives and to living a life worth examining.  

Where did you get the name “Wisdom Workshop”?
‘Wisdom’ signifies the art of knowing who you are, and how you can be the best that you can be.  Wisdom includes the dispositions of curiosity and compassion for self and others, and the practical skills of situational awareness, communication, mindfulness, reading, reflection, analysis, and agile design thinking. ‘Workshop’ implies a practical, hands-on doing and making. We don’t take tests or write essays. We read, respond, and create projects that help us build a bias-to-action towards developing practical skills and desired character traits. We seek to actively engage in existential projects that might provide value for others and/or hold a mirror to ourselves, and our processes of growth.

Do you offer extra support for participants who fall behind?
Yes! I keep workshops small (no more than 9 people) and have open office hours for one-on-one meetings to make space for everyone. I know that every situation is different, and I am committed to help you ask good questions to re-frame and re-approach your work/life in a healthy and constructive way so that you can stop feeling "behind." The facilitator does not grade, judge, or punish you. And the community is here to help.

Will I have to travel for any workshop-related activities?
No. You may choose to network with other workshop participants, and/or physically celebrate near where you live, but this isn’t required.

Where can I learn more and how can I stay connected?
You can schedule a 15 minute phone call with Professor Waters, send us a message, or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.
You can also schedule a meeting with Jeanie, our Learning Ambassador, who is eager to answer your questions by emailing her at jeaniesutter@gmail.com.
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