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Why You Shouldn’t Stress

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

What do you really care about?

Values are Verbs!

Don’t Get Mad At the Lettuce!

60-second Philosophy

Writing the Good Life : Module 2

COHERENCE Overview: Discernment, Design Thinking, Compass

Writing the Good Life: Module 1 Overview

UNLEARNING: Presencing, Authenticity, Big Questions

How to Have a First Rate Second Childhood

In 27 seconds

Writing to Connect with Ourselves and Others

Finding our Exemplars, Presence, and Creativity

How To Have a First-Rate Second Childhood

Stoicism and Aging (Writing the Good Life)

60-Second Amazing Book Expedition

Daniel Pink's To Sell is Human on Moving Others and Pixar Pitch

Coherence Compass

Workview and Lifeview (Writing the Good Life)

Where Do You Want to Grow?

Health, Work, Play, Love Dashboard (Writing the Good Life)

How To Make Good Decisions

Five Stanford Design Mindsets (Writing the Good Life Week 2: Coherence)

Coherence and Stanford Design

Value of Play, and an Overview of Week 2 of Writing the Good Life

Three Foundations of Happiness

Purpose, People, + Projects (Episode 8 of Writing the Good Life)

Calibrating your Compass

The Hidden Scorecard: Episode 7 of Writing the Good Life

Three Tools to Study Your Self

Bug Books and Daily Designs (Episode 6 of Writing the Good Life)

Do Shit, Try Shit, Make Shit

Compositing, Art, and Cyclical Time (Day 3 of Writing the Good Life)

The Five Rules of Freewriting Mindfulness

Writing Prompts (Writing the Good Life Episode 4)

Cultivating Presence

Non-Judgment, Zen, Athletics, and Healthy Habits (Writing the Good Life Day 2)

The Five Best Books For Writing Well

Loving Yourself (Writing the Good Life Episode 2: Texts)

Writing Well and Living Well

Introducing "Writing the Good Life," the Spring 2021 Wisdom Workshop

If you only read one book

THIS might be the one: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

How to Live the Good Life

Epicureanism, Purpose, Flow, and the Pleasure of Projects

Mindfulness for Depression and Anxiety

Cultivating a Meditation Practice for Mental Health

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